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Berwick and District Lions Club

Nova Scotia Canada
Club Number:0000013767


Music Box
Club Address:250 Veterans Place, Berwick, NS B0P 1E0
Club Tel:902-538-3663
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bulletWhen:Business Mtg - 1st Thu at 1900 hrs Dinner Mtg - 3rd Thu at 1830 hrs
bulletWhere:Berwick and District Lions Club 169 Brown Street, Berwick

Name Office Tel Home Tel
President Charlie MacDonald
1st Vice President
Secretary 902-538-9594
Treasurer 902-538-9768
Membership Chairman 902-538-3814

"WELCOME" to The Berwick and District Lions Club home Web page...please see linked sites to the Town of Berwick, "Fastest growing town in Nova Scotia." Keep informed on Kings Mutual Century  KMCCBERWICKNS.. take a look at  construction progress. Also weather and tide events. Our Lions Club Newsletter to be posted on the website.

Jun17/10 Berwick and District Lions
Board of Directors I Reporting to 1st Vice President
I Lion Tim Harding
Past President Lion Robert Dunn I Adopt-a highway Lion R Bushell/ N Palmer
President Lion Tim Harding I Auditor(To-Action) Lion Dick Horsburgh
1st Vice Lion         I Bar Lion Tim Steadman
2nd Vice Lion Bernie Webster I Canteen Lion D Pottie/C MacDonald
3rd Vice Lion Charlie MacDonald I Bingo Chair Lion Charlie MacDonald
Secretary Lion Bert Layton I Catering Chair Lion Bert Layton
Treasurer Lion Don Clarke I Charter Night Lion 1st Vice Pres
2nd Treasurer Lion Fred Ross I Finance Chair Lion Greg Llewellyn
M & Retention Lion Darrell, Kara/John I Hall Rental Chair Lion R  Dunn/D Pottie
1Yr Director Lion Tim Steadman I Long Range PlanningLion Lion Doug S/Bob A
Lion Alex MacAskill I M & Retention Lion Darrell /Kara/John
2Yr. Director Lion Dick Horsburgh I Gala Day Lion Tim Harding
Lion Frank Woodworth I Publicity Chair Lion
Lion Garnet Francis I Purchasing Chair Lion
Lion         Ray Bushell I Scout Liaison Lion Bert Layton
Lion John Prall I Bulletin Editor Lion Bert Layton
Tail Twister Lion Tom Henley I Tribute Dinner Lion         Paul Ward
lion Tamer Lion Dick Pottie I Ways and Means Lion         Don Clarke
Ombudsman Lion  John Rainforth I Calling Committee Lions      Bernie I /Darrell C
AppleDome Lion Don Clarke I Club Sale Lion          Ken Pineo
Club Move Lion         Dreams Take Flight Lion       Dick Horsburgh
_____________________________________ _________________________________________________________
Reporing to 2nd Vice President I Reporting to 3rd Vice President
Lion Bernie Webster I Lion Charlie MacDonald
Breakopen Chair Lion Tom Henley I 911 Signs Lion Dick Pottie
Environmental Lion Denton Graham I Bursaries Chair Lion Don Clarke
Sight/Hearing Lion Bernie Irvine I Club Twinning(Auss) Lion Bert Layton
Curling Chair Lion I Constitution & By-laws Lion Bob Stewart
Dinner Theatre Chair Lion Bert Layton I Drug Awareness Lion Gary Whittier
Golf Chair Lion Ray Bushell I Food Bank Liaison Lion
Hall Maintenance Lion Ray Bushell I Glasses & Stamps Lion D Pottie/T Henley
Information Systems Lion I Health & Welfare Lion Robert Dunn
Legion Liaison Lion Ken Pineo I Sick & Visiting Chair Lion Norm Palmer/Dick Pottie
Lionettes Liaison Lion John Rainforth I Lobster Supper Lion Don King
Radio Bingo Lion Tom Henley I Steak Fry Supper Lion D Palmer/T Steadman
Blood Donor Clinic Lion Frank Woodworth I Berwick Liaison Lion
Pin Chairman Lion Dick Pottie I Apple Museum Lion John Eaton/Rainforth
Program Committee Lion Dick Horsburgh I Sports & Rec Lion Tim S /Darryl C
Speak out Chair Lion David Keddy I Memorial Chair Lion John Rainforth
TGIF Chair Lion Tim Steadman I Nominations Lion Robert D/Tom H/DP
Visitation Chair Lion Dick Horsburgh I Peace Poster Chair Lion Bert Layton
X-Mass Hampers Lion Robert Dunn I Tractor Ticket Sales Lion available
X-Mass Telethon Lion Greg Llewellyn I Lobster Ticket Sales Lion Charlie MacDonald
Hall Décor. X-Mass  Lion John Leduc I Bingo Dinner Lion Charlie MacDonald
X-Mas Parade Lion I Lions Park Lion Dick  H/ Don C

Bingo - every Tuesday night at 1930 hrs.
  • Recycle for Sight
  • Adopt-a-Highway
  • Ticket Sales/Lobsters, Lawn Tractor etc...

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